How are you REALLY doing?

Girlfriend check-in time!  How have you been?  And better yet, how are you really doing?  Are you taking care of yourself?  When is the last time you did something for you?  When is the last time you did something you enjoy? For those of us who tend to over-work, I’m reminding you to get in some girlfriend time.  As much as we love our men, they are NOT our girlfriends.  Sometimes we get so caught up with our relationships and taking care of everybody else that we neglect our own souls.  And we often don’t recognize self-neglect until we’re going off on everybody, having crying fits, or so exhausted we’re no good to anybody…

Take a quick minute and do a self-survey.  It is vitally important to your purpose that you give yourself permission to regenerate: refresh, relax, relate, and release.  All of us need that girlfriend or two who we can be real with. Those relationships are precious and deserve our attention.  Is it time to make a phone call?  Don’t give in to the temptation to isolate yourself and suffer unnecessarily.  God made women with a need for communication, so take a minute and send a quick text – “Girl, let’s get together!”  She probably needs it just as much as you do…

Vision Candle Party – You’re Invited!

Ladies, join us for an evening of creativity, reflection, food and fun! You will design your very own Vision Candle.  No two will be the same as we are all unique!

Registration includes:

  • one large candle in a scent of your choice,

  • decorations, and

  • refreshments.

Feel free to bring any personal pictures, clippings, or details that are unique to you.  If you already have a vision board that you’re willing to share, please bring that as well!  For tickets, please visit –

What Holds Us Back? Business & Career

If our businesses are not growing, is there anything we can do? What about on our jobs? Do we have any control over getting a promotion or being paid better?  The short answer is “Yes”! The long answer is, it usually doesn’t happen by itself. There are steps we can take to improve the odds and to put ourselves in position for increase.  Unfortunately, we may be doing things that ruin our chances for better businesses and better pay – and we sometimes have no idea…

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Red Flags: Dating and Relationships

Nobody wants to be stuck in a miserable relationship – especially an abusive one.  No little girl dreams of being with a man who puts her down, tries to control her, or thinks about his own needs most of the time.  No woman wants to be pregnant by a man she thought loved her and find out before the baby is even born that he’s been “loving” somebody else. No young lady wants to have little kids that she has to raise by herself because her boyfriend/fiance/husband got caught doing something illegal and is now dead or in jail.  Nobody wants to be with a man for 10 years and have their car or house repossessed because he gambled or smoked up the payments…  I know this post is starting out hard, but anyone who’s been through this knows it isn’t funny.  Anyone who’s going through this now wishes somebody had said something earlier.  Sometimes we have to start our discussions talking about what we don’t want before we can have a conversation about our “dream wedding”.  Even though it’s obvious that living hurt and confused is the last thing that a woman would want, we must be doing something wrong because too many women end up with men (or friends) who are toxic.  And while people tend to blame it on low self-esteem, I believe there’s another, less obvious reason…

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Designer Purpose – New Year 2017

Happy New Year, Ladies!!! Over this last year, we’ve had job changes (voluntary and involuntary), financial changes, a major surgery, a mold infestation, and a website that crashed four times in the last month (that was me…). At the same time, we’ve had new jobs, graduations, increased business networks, and two marriages! Joy, and Pain – Sunshine, and Rain…

At the end of the day, we all go through changes. It’s when we get together and sit around the table to talk; that’s when we realize that the ups and downs of life have happened to us all. The difference that Designer Purpose makes is that we support one another in making those lemons lemonade – and making that lemonade an enterprise! Ha! Our next session is January 15th.

This year will be even better, simply because we’re all getting better. Realizing that the only person who can move us closer to our best life is the person in the mirror, let’s get at it! Last year only mattered as much as it provided lessons to be learned. Moving ahead, I’m looking forward to celebrating another year of progress in all of our lives. I attached the words to Mary Mary’s “Go Get It” below. I think it’s fitting for where we’re going this year. Much Love, and I’ll see you soon, ~ Nicole

It’s like you’re lookin’ through a telescope you see where you gonna be
Growin’ gettin’ better you’re not the person they see
Can’t be mad at the things you’ve been through, ’cause they built your muscle
Now you’re stronger than you’ve ever been, they can’t stop your hustle

Yo faith ain’t never small that’s what brought you this far
See you got your dreams and you got your prayers and you got you God
He gonna take you there
See everybody has a season and I’ve believe this one’s your’s
‘Cause you’ve been working, waiting, this what you’ve been praying for

Go get it, go get it, go get your blessing
Go get it, go get it, go get it
It’s time yo, It’s time yo, It’s time your time

You were made to live a good life and that’s what I believe
So hit the floor say a prayer start working you got to do something

It’s alright to crawl before you walk
It’s alright to walk before you run
But if you wanna get what you never got gotta do something that you never done

You’ve been qualified
But this mercy multiplied
You cannot be denied
‘Cause you are finally certified
It’s official
Go ahead and testify
He’s gonna bless you
You gonna bless me
Now God be glorified

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It’s hard to make good decisions without enough information. It’s hard to have good relationships if we haven’t seen many good ones. It’s hard to get and stay organized unless someone has taught us how (unless you just happen to have that “keep everything clean” disease :-)). It’s hard to stay in control of our finances if we haven’t been taught how to manage them well.  Continue reading “KNOW BETTER. DO BETTER.”

Older AND Better

Are you getting Older AND Better? The first question has already been answered for you. You’ve gotten older since you opened this post!  We can’t avoid getting older.  What we don’t want to do, though, is get older and regret everything we haven’t tried or accomplished yet. Now, that we can do something about. Continue reading “Older AND Better”

Life-Changing Decisions: BUDGETING

Most rich people live by a budget.  I had to start with that statement because sometimes when we talk about budgeting, it seems like it’s only a solution for people who are having problems with their money.  On the contrary, most people who have become successful in their personal finances got that way because they 1) decided where they wanted their money to go ahead of time, and 2) they tracked their money to make sure it got there.  Rich people can’t stand losing or wasting money.  Therefore, they make sure that it’s doing what they want it to do. But what if you don’t really want to be “rich”?… Continue reading “Life-Changing Decisions: BUDGETING”

The 4 Stages of Friendship

This was the topic of our Designer Purpose session today.  But before we talked about how we should interact with others, we discussed how important it is for us to be our own best friend FIRST.  You never really can get relationships right if you can’t get along with you.  If you can’t appreciate yourself, encourage yourself, take care of yourself, challenge yourself, grow yourself, and forgive yourself – you will have a hard time attracting people who will do that for you.  Unfortunately, many of us have a tendency to get into relationships because we’re looking for someone to validate us.  That’s backwards.  Instead, we have to learn how to be comfortable being with ourselves first. We need to be okay with being by ourselves until we have chosen the right people to be around us. I like to say, “If you don’t treat you right, why would you expect someone else to?”

At the end of this post is an audio clip that we referenced during our session.  While the focus of the interview was supposed to be on marriage, the first 20 minutes or so really spoke to someone who had to learn to love themselves and live out their own purpose before they could successfully bring someone else into their lives.  I hope you find it helpful.

And now, the 4 Stages of Friendship.

THE ACQUAINTANCE                Time Frame: approx 6 months.

It takes time to get to know someone before they can be called your friend.  Without this we can get too close to people too fast, before we know what we really need to know about them. I always say, “it takes 6 months for crazy to come out”.  This just means you have to take your time to find out how people really are, and whether or not you want to invite their potential issues into your life.  What are potential issues?  Well, first of all, nobody is perfect.  Personally, I have some of these “issues” myself.  That being said, before I start exchanging phone numbers and promising to do things or go places with people, I need to find out if they are:

  • Controlling – they always want you to do what they want to do.
  • Needy or Irresponsible – they always have to be rescued.
  • Unstable – happy one day; sad the next.  Positive one day; hateful the next.  Hard to know how they’ll be tomorrow…
  • Just not your type – we just have completely different likes or interests.
  • A User – they always want you to give and do for them, but they’re never available.
  • Offensive – people who have a bad reputation will drag you into their drama.  Guilty by association.
  • Haters/Gossipers/Rumor Spreaders/Complainers – people who are never happy and don’t want to be.
  • Unmotivated – nobody is “up” all the time, but this type of person just doesn’t want to do better.
  • Illegal – um, you definitely want to know as soon as possible if someone is doing something that will put you both in jail.

An Acquaintance is someone who you’ve seen or heard about.  You learn his/her name and greet them by name the next time you meet.  You ask and answer appropriate questions and are a good listener.  This person is not yet a friend, and it’s best not to call them that.  They’re just someone you’re beginning to know about.  You only see this person at your original meeting place (school, work, the gym,etc).  Conversation remains surface level only, meaning, you don’t have to know their business and they don’t need to know yours.

THE CASUAL FRIEND                Time Frame: Approx. 6 months

A Casual Friend is someone who you’ve talked to enough to know some of their strong points (good with animals, understands Math, runs track, etc.).  Over this 6 month time period, there are intentional interactions every once in a while – invitations to hang out – that give you more information about the person.  You learn more about things you have in common.  Ask God and people you trust whether or not this relationship should be taken to the next level.  This is the time to decide about the red flags (issues) above, and determine whether or not you’re willing to deal with it on a regular basis.

THE CLOSE FRIEND                               Time Frame: Grows or Stabilizes over time

If you decide that someone will be a Close Friend, you have seen the potential in their life and where they are headed for in the future.  You both talk about goals and dreams and make a decision to help each other achieve them.  You have similar character traits and people talk about you and your friend as a good match.  You “speak” into each other’s lives (give each other advice), trying to help each other make the best decisions.  You become a “habit” in each other’s lives. You agree on most things and agree to disagree on others.   Some close friends may return to casual friends, depending on lifestyle or stages in life.  A select few friends will become intimate friends.


THE INTIMATE FRIEND                        Time Frame: 4 Life

An Intimate Friend almost knows as much about you as you know yourself.  You learn how to help each other during good times and bad.  You (both of you) can see which attitudes and habits need to be changed and are willing to work towards those changes.  You are not afraid to be honest and open with each other – you know your business is safe with the other person. You are accountable to this person.  You make a commitment to be faithful, loyal, and available to one another.  You accept one another as you are – unconditionally.

Knowing that there are stages is very helpful, because you can track your progress with people instead of jumping headfirst.  But remember, people will only treat you as well as you treat yourself.  I hope this helps you and I hope you share this information with your friends and loved ones.  If you’ve been able to apply any of this, please come back an comment on it.  You never know who you may help.

As promised, the audio clip:

Pinterest PIN OF THE WEEK: Better Organization

Our last in-person session was about making on-purpose decisions about our careers, businesses, and next steps in education. When we went around to hear everyone’s next steps, one of the ladies said “I’m not doing ANYTHING until I go through my house and throw stuff away”! When I tell you that rang through me! As of today, 7 black garbage bags and 5 donation bags later, we’re still at it – and I feel sooooo much better!! Ladies, clutter causes mental chaos. Not being able to find things is frustrating and can cost us time and money.  We can all use a little organization inspiration! Check out the BETTER ORGANIZATION board on our Pinterest site. You’ll be sure to find some great ideas!  You will find the link to this pin below: