January 14th Session – The Money Check Up!

Ladies, we’re starting the year off right with a money check up! Are you on track to make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others? Come join us and make sure you’re ready to begin a successful year. Light refreshments will be served.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Grace Refuge Chapel

10711 W. Outer Drive

Detroit, MI. 48223

Nov. 12th Session: Health & Finance – Living on Purpose

Living on Purpose! For our November 12th session we’ll discuss two topics that can help determine your life’s prosperity: health and finances. What does it mean to live purposefully when it comes to your body?  What about with your money?  If you need a boost in either of these two areas, then don’t miss this session! Also please bring your GOAL SHEETS for those who attended the last session. We will have extras.

Sunday, November 14th, 2017     
2:30pm – 4:30pm
@Grace Refuge Chapel 
10711 W. Outer Drive, Detroit, 48223 

See you soon!

~ Nicole
Know Better. Do Better. On Purpose.

Life-Changing Decisions: BUDGETING

Most rich people live by a budget.  I had to start with that statement because sometimes when we talk about budgeting, it seems like it’s only a solution for people who are having problems with their money.  On the contrary, most people who have become successful in their personal finances got that way because they 1) decided where they wanted their money to go ahead of time, and 2) they tracked their money to make sure it got there.  Rich people can’t stand losing or wasting money.  Therefore, they make sure that it’s doing what they want it to do. But what if you don’t really want to be “rich”?… Continue reading “Life-Changing Decisions: BUDGETING”

Christmas in July 

Yesterday my calendar read “153 Days until Christmas”.   I’m passing this along so that you’re not caught unaware like I used to be.  I cannot tell you how many years we went into debt over Christmas spending – and I hate debt. When I look back though, it really came down to being unprepared.  Christmas comes at the end of December every year, yet I would be thrown off when it arrived. I had some money saved, but every year it wouldn’t be enough.  Then I would scramble and try to exchange money from our November and December budgets to try and make up for what I was spending.  After the money ran out, I just started using my credit card.  Come March, I was still paying off the balance from December… Continue reading “Christmas in July “

Would You Like To Save 10% on Your Purchase?

It’s so funny, I started writing this post and the next day I was in Target. All I was buying was a pack of pens, and the cashier (I’m not knocking her – she was just doing her job) asked me if I’d like to save 10% on my purchase. I politely said, “No, Thank You”. But I was thinking to myself, first of all, why do I need for you to run my credit in order to save 59 cents on some pens? (the pack of pens was only $5.99).  Secondly, the minute I get really busy and pay the bill a day late (don’t act like you haven’t done it), I get slapped with a $25 late fee. So much for saving money! Let’s take it a step further, though, and pretend the bill was $100. Then I would save $10, right?  It’s still not worth it, because the interest rates on store credit cards can be up to 28% – that’s almost $28 – and again, don’t mess around and have even one late pay… Continue reading “Would You Like To Save 10% on Your Purchase?”