About Designer Purpose

“Designer Purpose” is for all women who are interested in making their lives better in any way.  We hold monthly sessions in Detroit, MI where we discuss relationships, money, starting & growing our businesses, education planning, health & fitness, image, excelling in careers – we talk about everything! As women, taking time to talk about these things is essential for learning, growing, and living our best lives. If you’re ever in the Detroit area, please contact us for the next session. We all need a little motivation to get better – and the girl talk doesn’t hurt! This website was created as a go-to place outside of the sessions for our ladies (and now for you) to find information and the spark needed to light the fire for real, lasting changes in their lives – to live out their Designer Purpose. As you browse our categories and see what we’re pinning on Pinterest, we hope you are inspired as well. Welcome!


What does the name mean? One thing that’s true about most women is that we like nice things.  Usually, clothes, purses, shoes, etc. are more expensive if they have a designer’s name on them.  We believe that the ultimate designer, our Creator God, has individually crafted us and gifted us with specific talents and abilities.  Our purpose is found in walking with Him – and because He has put his signature on us, we are priceless!