It’s hard to make good decisions without enough information. It’s hard to have good relationships if we haven’t seen many good ones. It’s hard to get and stay organized unless someone has taught us how (unless you just happen to have that “keep everything clean” disease :-)). It’s hard to stay in control of our finances if we haven’t been taught how to manage them well. It’s hard to get promotions at work if we haven’t been shown how to negotiate. It’s hard to grow our businesses without having a clue about marketing. The point is, anything that we want to do better in, we have to KNOW better. What areas have you been struggling with? Generally we find out what we need help with once we keep failing in it…

The GOOD NEWS is that we don’t have to stay in ruts. Getting out starts with getting information. What’s the last book you read on good relationships, managing money, succeeding at work, etc.? The Bible even says to get information, but unfortunately a lot of people thought that just meant read the Bible more! No, if you want to get better at something, you HAVE to know more about it (but read your Bible too)!

I encourage you to take the time to Google (selectively), get a book, or attend a class/conference/seminar that covers whatever that thing is that you need to do better in. Our next Designer Purpose face-to-face meeting is on April 12th, We will be talking a lot more about relationships. If you haven’t had the best success with relationships in the past, then please join us. If you’d like to avoid the mistakes that a lot of us have made already, please join us. We’ll begin to “know better” – together!