“Designer Purpose” is for all women who are working to make their lives better in every way.  We hold monthly information sessions in Detroit, MI where we discuss relationships, money, starting & growing our businesses, educational planning, health & fitness, image, raising kids, excelling in careers… we talk about everything! As women, taking time to talk about these things is essential for learning, growing, and living our best lives. If you’re ever in the Detroit area, please contact us for the next session. We all need a little motivation to get better – and the girl talk doesn’t hurt! This website was created as a go-to place outside of the sessions for the ladies (and now for you) to find information and the spark needed to plan and improve their lives – to live out their Designer Purpose. As you browse our categories and see what we’re pinning on Pinterest, we hope you are inspired as well. Welcome!



Welcome Back – Sept 17th

Designer Purpose – Welcome Back 2017

Sunday, September 17th  2:30pm-4:30pm

Grace Refuge Chapel, 10711 W. Outer Drive, Detroit

Welcome Back to never being the same! We welcome you to come out and join us in “Real Talk” as we find answers to our everyday challenges.  There’s nothing like hanging out with the ladies – God knows we need it!

See you soon,

~ Nicole


How are you REALLY doing?

Girlfriend check-in time!  How have you been?  And better yet, how are you really doing?  Are you taking care of yourself?  When is the last time you did something for you?  When is the last time you did something you enjoy? For those of us who tend to over-work, I’m reminding you to get in some girlfriend time.  As much as we love our men, they are NOT our girlfriends.  Sometimes we get so caught up with our relationships and taking care of everybody else that we neglect our own souls.  And we often don’t recognize self-neglect until we’re going off on everybody, having crying fits, or so exhausted we’re no good to anybody…

Take a quick minute and do a self-survey.  It is vitally important to your purpose that you give yourself permission to regenerate: refresh, relax, relate, and release.  All of us need that girlfriend or two who we can be real with. Those relationships are precious and deserve our attention.  Is it time to make a phone call?  Don’t give in to the temptation to isolate yourself and suffer unnecessarily.  God made women with a need for communication, so take a minute and send a quick text – “Girl, let’s get together!”  She probably needs it just as much as you do…