Okay, so we’re all working on goals and we’re always working on getting and doing better, but please don’t forget how far you’ve come…

Most of us had to fight to get where we are now. Sometimes, though, we forget about everything we’ve already accomplished. You paid a bill off, remember? You got that certification, remember? You finished your resume, remember? You worked on 5 of your Action Steps last month, remember? Congratulate yourself. Encourage yourself. Whether you’re where you want to be in life or not, please give yourself credit for what you’ve already done. The old folks used to say, “It’s a sad dog that can’t wag his own tail”! … and let’s not even talk about those of us with children – Girl, please. We do more in the morning than some people without kids have to do all day. Pat yourself on the back, Mom, you are the glue that holds whole lives together.

Back in January part of our assignment was to make a list of our accomplishments for the year 2014. It was pretty sad. We sat there way too long trying to find something good to say about ourselves (I even struggled with my list, and I know better). Yes, I know we’re supposed to be humble, but at the same time we HAVE to know what we bring to the table. If we’ve been living and breathing this long, we HAVE to have accomplished something. When we think better about ourselves, it gives us hope for our futures. If we did that thing, then we can surely do the next thing!

Whether you volunteer at church, school, or if you’re on a committee, you are providing services that enrich the lives of others. If you have worked well on your job this year, you have helped somebody solve a problem – by default. If you watched someone else’s kids last month, you kept them from losing their mind THAT day :-). Give yourself a pat on the back for that. Every once in a while your friends, kids, co-workers, or spouse should catch you giving YOURSELF a round of applause!

Okay, now back to work. 😉