Are You Living On Purpose? Session Overview

Session Overview for October 8, 2017: For today’s session, we answered the question:  “Am I living on Purpose”?  This question has a simple answer, based on how you answer the following questions:

  1. Do you have your goals written down?
  2. Do you review your goals on a regular basis (at least weekly)?
  3. Have you revised or updated your goals based on your progress or new information?
  4. Do you back off of your goals when they’re no longer easy?

If you answered YES to #1, #2, and #3 – and NO to #4, then CONGRATULATIONS! You are living on purpose!!

If you answered NO to #1…

Today is your day! Living on Purpose does not have to be a difficult subject.  It’s just something that you have to choose to do.  When you decide that you want your life to be productive, you will live on purpose.  When you realize you don’t want to live in regret, you will live on purpose. If you don’t want to waste years of your life barely making progress, you will live on purpose.  People often confuse “Living ON Purpose” with “Walking IN Purpose”.  They don’t realize that most often, you find out what your purpose IS by doing #1, 2, and 3 above.

The first step to Living on Purpose is setting goals.  If you’ve never set goals before, or if you’ve just gotten out of practice, here are a few things that the ladies worked on today during our session.  First, what areas should you make goals for?  The graphic below represents Zig Ziglar’s 7 Areas of Life.  The understanding is that these are basic areas that all need to be dealt with on a consistent basis – in order for your life to progress in a positive direction.

Next, for each of the 7 areas, we answered the following:

  • What is my goal for this area?  It has to be specific.  I want to lose weight is not a specific goal.  I want to lose 20 pounds is a specific goal.
  • Why am I setting this goal?  Is it because I want to come off of medication?  I want my knees to stop hurting?  I want to have more energy?  I want to look and feel better?
  • What is my Timeline?  You can make a long-term timeline and a short-term timeline.  For the goal above, a long-term timeline could be “I want to lose 20 pounds in 6 months”.  Your short-term (or check-in) timeline could be 3 weeks.
  • What is a Success Indicator for my goal?  This should be a number – a measurable indicator that what you’re doing is working.  Again, using our 20 pound example, an indicator of success could be: 3 pounds lost in 3 weeks, or 2 pounds in 14 days.  Put a date on it.  That means you’ll need to weigh yourself now and check in with yourself in 3 weeks.  If your methods (whatever methods you choose) are working, then you will have achieved your first success. Great job, and keep going!

Living on purpose requires work.  You may have to learn more about some strategies to get where you want to go. It takes time and intentionality to change your own life. The other option is to stay the same.  For us, that’s never an option….

Please know that I and the Designer Purpose Ladies are cheering you on!  We will check in with our successes in order to encourage and motivate you to keep going.  We’re all in this together!

~ Nicole Crockett, Designer Purpose
Know Better. Do Better.  On Purpose.

Zig Ziglar’s 7 Areas Graphic: